Decorating & ReDesign

Decorating & ReDesign

Are you looking to change up your space? Would you love to have a great looking space? Do you have a certain look in mind? At Kaley’s Korners we specialize in creating that space you will love.

As Certified Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigners™ we look at a space and see the potential. We see not what is, but what can be. Our system gets consistent and superior results each and every time.

At Kaley’s Korners we believe in using the best quality furniture and accessories that will be both long-lasting and timeless. Our philosophy is: by using quality products every time, and with the greatest of care, the project is always done right. We believe that by investing in quality that lasts, we are able to ensure the best value for our clients.

Whether we are providing a Consultation Service or a Full-Service Transformation, we pride ourselves in establishing a great relationship by working together with our clients to find the perfect design plan for you. Just because you have unique taste, does not make it wrong!

From Rustic to Modern and everything in between; whatever look you desire, Kaley’s Korners can bring it together for you. With 15 different styles to choose from, we have the ideal solution for you!

What we do:

  • At Kaley’s Korners we offer a full array of Decorating & ReDesign services, including Colour and Decorating Consultations, and Full-Service Transformations.
  • We listen to you in order to determine what style you are looking for and work with you to create the perfect design.
  • We use our expertise to bring things together, to create spaces that will satisfy your needs, using the finest, quality products.
  • We enter every home with the goal of helping with solutions that fit your lifestyle.
  • We love providing decorating solutions for busy, young families.
  • We go the extra mile to source the perfect contractors to work in concert to transform your space.

How we stand out:

  • We are very open-minded in regards to incorporating your taste into the optimal Decorating solution.
  • We utilize an exclusive list of vendors to obtain the perfect furniture, accessories, and artwork.
  • We specialize in Decorating in different styles dependent on the specific real estate market. We know what “look” is popular in each area.
  • We act as mediators and problem solvers when it is required. We understand the psychology behind the differing of opinion and can offer an objective perspective and mutually agreeable solutions.
  • We specialize in Decorating unique homes. We employ our creativity and resourcefulness to implement the best design for you.

Our services


Colour Consultations
Do you need help choosing a paint colour? We perform Ultimate Benjamin Moore® Colour Consultations to assist you in choosing the perfect colours for every room in your house. We will implement your colour inspiration and your vision for your home with an array of colour options to create that perfect look.

Decorating Consultations
At Kaley’s Korners we perform Decorating & ReDesign consultations which provide an action plan for you to decorate and transform any room in your home. This is an amazing service that allows you to complete the projects yourself. The consultation and written report will be your decorating action plan.

Full-Service Transformations
At Kaley’s Korners we offer full-service decorating. We coordinate and perform Decorating & ReDesign transformations for any room in your house, in any style you choose. We can transform all aspects of your décor project including, flooring, furniture, wall treatments, window treatments, lighting, fabrics, accessories, and décor. We can advise, coordinate, supply and even install any components of your project. We even provide several different shopping services. We look forward to completing any size project from small to large.

As graduates of Ultimate Academy’s® Certified Decorator & ReDesigner™ Program, we utilize a proven Decorating system which enables us to take a unique approach to all aspects of making your space look beautiful. That combined with your inspiration, your project will have a wonderful outcome.

Are you interested in seeing what we can do with your unique style? Call Kaley’s Korners today to find out more!