Home Staging

Home Staging

Are you selling your home? Are you looking to spend less time on the market and sell for more money? Let us help you give your home the “wow” factor!

At Kaley’s Korners we believe that satisfied clients make all the difference! As graduates of Ultimate Academy’s® Certified UltimateStager™ Program, we use our proven system to get consistent and superior results each and every time.

Our real estate background lends us the unique ability to take the particular demographic of any specific area into consideration. This enables us to professionally Stage every home to its full potential; thus, ensuring that it has both mass appeal in the local market and that it will garner the maximum value for its selling price.

Our speciality is fast service! We can accommodate you, often even on a last-minute Home Staging project. We provide quick, punctual and reliable service. Give us a call today!

At Kaley’s Korners we specialize in Staging unique homes. We employ our creativity and resourcefulness to assess and implement the best strategy to make the optimal use of the space.

What we do:

  • At Kaley’s Korners we offer a full array of Home Staging services, including Consultations, Showcasing, and Full-Service Home Staging.
  • We combine our hands-on approach, our knowledge of the local market, and our professional training as Certified UltimateStagers™, to deliver a winning combination.
  • We provide a full solution with various options, ensuring your home will be marketed to its full potential.
  • We make sure that we deliver the best value and the optimal solution for our clients that will fit their lifestyle, keeping their home child and pet friendly.

How we stand out:

  • Our real estate background combined with being a local company gives us the edge. We know how to present any property in such a way as to appeal to any specific market.
  • We pride ourselves in finding practical solutions that enable your home to be marketed to its full potential.
  • We align ourselves with like-minded real estate agents to ensure that we are able to deliver the best value for our clients.
  • We have a selection of outstanding furniture and accessories, designed for each individual real estate market. This ensures the right selection to compliment your home and make it look its best.

Our services

At Kaley’s Korners we perform Home Staging consultations which provide a detailed action plan for you to stage your home yourself. We provide a 19-page written report following a complete in-depth room-by-room assessment. This report details various options which can be used to help you prepare your home for staging. We show you on a better, more impactful way of preparing your home for sale.

At Kaley’s Korners, we provide a Showcasing service. We accentuate the positives in every room using your existing furniture and accessories. We can transform your home by optimizing each space with proper furniture placement and editing pieces for that perfect look. This service does not require any outside inventory; we work with what you have. Additionally, we help you to depersonalize in order to show off the potential of your unique home.

Full-Service Home Staging
At Kaley’s Korners we offer exquisite full-service Home Staging. Leave it to us to stage your home utilizing our Ultimate Staging system and with the finest stunning décor, accessories, artwork and beautiful furniture.

We provide a free estimate to determine what your home requires to make it look its best. We coordinate and perform every detail including home repairs. We will transform your home to ensure it will create that perfect first impression!

Are you moving? Ensure your home sells quickly