Professional Organizing

Professional Organizing

Does the lack of organization in your home or work place affect your life?

Are you hesitant to invite friends and family to your home because you are embarrassed about the clutter and disorganization?

Is the situation becoming so dire that you feel it might be irreversible?

At Kaley’s Korners we understand the challenges and issues that can sometimes be involved in getting organized. We know that often homeowners feel stressed, embarrassed or overwhelmed about the disorganization in their space and not know where or how to start. Let the call to Kaley’s Korners be the first step for you to becoming properly organized!

With our easy-going, friendly personalities we ensure that you are comfortable with the process and will work with you to find the right solution. Our team will help you tackle the clutter one step at a time; helping you towards a much better situation. As Certified Ultimate Professional Organizers™, we use our proven system which gets consistent and superior results each and every time.

What we do:

  • At Kaley’s Korners we offer a full array of Professional Organizing Services, including Consultations, Professional Organizing Assistance, Full-Service Professional Organizing, Commercial Organizing, and a Maintenance Program.
  • We always enter a home from the perspective of helping busy, young families organize their space in such a way as to be totally workable for them.
  • We pride ourselves in finding practical solutions.
  • We at Kaley’s Korners view every Professional Organizing project from the viewpoint of keeping your home child and pet friendly.

How we stand out:

  • We take the time to ensure you are comfortable with the process. This will enable you to stay on a path to living and working in an organized space.
  • At Kaley’s Korners we are very understanding in regards to how stressful the disorganization can be and work with you to find a practical solution.
  • We provide Professional Organizing for clients who are moving. This can be combined as part of a Home Staging package or on its own. Kaley’s Korners can Professionally Organize prior to a Home Staging, or after when the house has been sold. We can also Organize in your new home to help ensure that you are off to a great start.
  • We offer commercial organizing.

Our services

At Kaley’s Korners we perform Professional Organizing consultations which provide an action plan for you to organize and transform any room in your home. We create a detailed 26-page written report of our recommendations, following an in-depth room-by-room assessment. This is an amazing service that allows you to complete the projects yourself and organize your own home.

Professional Organizing Assistance
At Kaley’s Korners we offer a Professional Organizing Assistance Service. We provide you with an action plan and assist you in the completion of the organization. We provide guidance and assistance during regularly scheduled visits which can be on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

In all cases, we help, advise and educate homeowners on how to implement quick and practical solutions for organizing their homes.

Full-Service Professional Organizing
At Kaley’s Korners we offer full-service Professional Organizing. With this service we will perform a free in-depth estimate and provide a plan to organize your space; whether it is a pantry, a kitchen, or an entire home.

We offer a complete suite of services to organize your space using our Certified Ultimate Professional Organizing™ system. We get it done on time and within budget and can organize and beautifully transform your space.

We can supply you with any organizing items required such as baskets and bins to help keep you in a great, organized system going forward. We will also remove any unwanted items from the home such as items to be donated, recycled or discarded.

Commercial Organizing
We provide organizing for commercial clients and businesses. We can provide Professional Organizing services such as organizing offices, filing systems, and inventory.

Professional Organizing Maintenance Program
The Professional Organizing Maintenance Program offered at Kaley’s Korners is comprised of regularly scheduled visits to a client’s home. The Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer™ will insure you are continuing on the path of organization and will offer guidance and assistance for any renewed areas of clutter.

We know that you will love not only the outcome of having an organized space but that you will enjoy the entire experience.

Isn’t it time you for you to get organized? Take that first step and give Kaley’s Korners a call!